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How Homos@xuality Existed In Hinduism.

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How Homos@xuality Existed In Hinduism.

Mahabharata and Third Gender
The epic of Mahabharata has legendary characters and is a mystifying chronicle. The story revolves around the Pandavas, Draupadi and Kauravas but we do not know about the other characters who also had a huge role.

Aravan was the son of Arjuna the great warrior and his wife Ulupi. He also took part in the Kurukshetra war and sacrificed himself for a huge cause.

A tragic tale
A special sacrifice known as 'kalappali' was made which means sacrifice to the battle field to ensure victory. Aravan volunteered for this.

The three boons
When Krishna granted him the boon to die a heroic death, he was also offered to be able to see the entire 18 day war.

In south there is a 18day annual festival celebrating their marriage and mourning of Aravan's sacrifice where he is the chief deity.

The third boon allowed Aravan to get married before the sacrifice, entitling him to cremation ( bachelors had to be burred).

Krishna's role
No woman wanted to marry Aravan and become a widow. Krishna then took a female form of Mohini and spent the night with him.

Krishna had carnal s@x with aravan, Son of arjun before his tragic end.


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