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Rabi Lamichhane Exclusive Facebook Live VIdeo

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Rabi Lamichhane Exclusive Facebook Live VIdeo

Ravi Lamichhane stayed on the air for more than 62 hours during a live broadcast by News24 Television. To set the record for the longest talk show, he interviewed politicians, journalists, and celebrities on the theme “Buddha was born in Nepal”, and took phone calls from viewers. The previous record was set by two Ukrainian presenters who stayed on the air for 52 hours in 2011.

he hosted a show by the name “Ma Rastrako Sewak” on the internet, and hosted a show on Nepal Television before moving to the U.S.

He has written lyrics for Nabin K Bhattarai’s song Timilai Maan Parauchu [6] and the song Timro Aagamanle feri sung by Ram Krishna Dhakal.

Currently, he hosts a show called (Sida Kura Janta Sanga) a.k.a. Straight Talk With People in news24 television and is so fruitful in solving problems related to the social issues and daily life. His show Sida Kura Janta Sanga is one of the most popular and effective talk shows in Nepal. Recently, it reached it’s 150th episode.


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