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Most Effective Natural Remedies For Dry Skin In Winters

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Most Effective Natural Remedies For Dry Skin In Winters

While no branded moisturisers or fancy skin products are 100% effective in reducing skin dryness in winter, here are a few natural remedies that will you have a clear and fresh skin in the winter seasonFlaky patches, cracked skin and chappy lips.

Winter is back and so is the irritable dry skin that comes handy with it. With lower levels of humidity and cold and dry weather outside, water in our skin evaporates quickly, thus leaving our skin all tight and dry. Experts say that our skin loses more than 25 per cent of its ability to hold moisture in winter. Furthermore, people who play winter sports are even more likely to have a dry and chapped skin.

Here are a few natural that will help you deal with dry skin in winter:

1. Moisturise as much as you can

You might fall out of money in buying those moisturising creams but your dryness will subside only minutely. In such situations, it is better to use some natural products to keep your skin moisturised and soft in winter. Butter, olive oil, coconut oil, milk, honey and yoghurt are all great natural moisturisers.

2. Winter homemade scrubs

Instead of braded scrubs which can trigger skin dryness in winter, one can opt for natural homemade scrubs to have clear and fresh skin in winter. You can mash a banana in 2 tbsps of honey and oats. You can scrub it in a circular motion on your face. Or, you can mix 2 tbsp of sugar in 4-5 drops of olive oil. This scrub can be used to exfoliate and nourish your skin. Another good option for a homemade scrub is mixing 2 tbsp of cocoa powder in 2 tbsp of sugar. Add some lemon juice and almond oil to it. Mix well and apply the pack on your face. These scrubs work as a perfect home remedy for winter.

3. Some minor modifications in your makeup

These minor in modifications in the way you use your makeup can be helpful to deal with winter skin problems. Always keep tinted lip balms and hydrating foundations in your cosmetic bag. Also, opt for cream-based blush-ons and hydrating face mists to keep your skin softness intact. Mouse foundation or compact powders are a big no-no during the winter season.

4. Eat your oils and drink your water

Oils are a good and natural source of moisturiser in winter. Eating oils like olive oil and coconut oil or cooking food in these oils will help in having a moisturised skin in winter. Also, make sure to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated in winter.

5. Massage with oils post bath
This is an effective method to avoid skin dryness in winter. After taking a mildly hot shower, rub some coconut oil or some amount of milk all over your body. You will feel naturally moisturised all day!

Note: Health & beauty tips presented is solely for information purpose only and is not intended to cure any sort of disease. Please consult to medical surgeon before trying any health & beauty tips.
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