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Report on a weird worm that is eaten

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Report on a weird worm that is eaten

Friends, you will find many wonders in this world. The vastness of these worlds is as strange as it is. Today, we are going to tell you about such a strange thing. Many of you have eaten fish from all of them, but today we will not even see you from the fish you are going to tell about it. This species of fish is called 'Urachis Unicinquetus' in scientific language.

In fact, if seen, it is not a fish but a worm, also known as 'spoon worm'. This fish is mostly found in mud and deep water. Its color is red, and it is 10 to 30 centimeter long and cylindrical. Bones are not found in them. This fish is mostly found in Korea, and like other fishes, people like it are very much like to eat it.

Most girls in Korea love this food because it does not have a fork at all, due to which it is very soft. Apart from Korea, people of China also like to eat it. People eat it raw with salt. But this fish is more famous than its taste due to its strange appearance.

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