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Couple accused of putting their son in the MICROWAVE and turning it on

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Couple accused of putting their son in the MICROWAVE and turning it on

According to Daily Mail a Missouri couple Derick and Mikala Boyce-Slezak, both 22, are accused of abusing their four-month-old son while trying to imitate a TV commercial and zapping him in a microwave. They were charged on Tuesday and are jailed on $500,000 bond.

The injuries were discovered when the baby boy, who was just under four months, was taken to the Cardinal-Glennon Hospital Emergency Room in April for a rash on his face that turned out to be a wound, according to court documents obtained by the St Louis Post-Dispatch.

Doctors found the periphery of the wound to be a first-degree burn, with the majority of the wound being a second-degree burn, reported the Daily Journal.

A superficial second-degree burn was also visible on the front of the infant’s scalp.

The infant was also suffering from a skull fracture and a subdural hematoma, a head injury that can cause swelling on the brain.

During testimony on Monday, according to the St Francois County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Mikala stated someone had cleaned the infant's face with a towel that contained a bleach-like substance.

When asked about the child's other injuries, she pleaded the Fifth Amendment. Derick did not testify.

However, an employee of the Children's Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services testified at the hearing that Mikala had stated that she intended to testify that the head wounds were a result of Derick dropping the baby while trying to imitate what he saw on a television commercial.

The Children's Division employee also stated that Mikala had claimed she had reason to believe Derick had placed the infant in a microwave and turned it on for a 'short period of time'.

The Post-Dispatch also reported that, according to court records, the couple are also the parents of a girl, who they waived custody of shortly after she was born in January 2016.

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