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10 Things That Nobody Ever Told You About Going To Thailand

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10 Things That Nobody Ever Told You About Going To Thailand

We agree that there are uncountable reasons to visit Thailand. From a rich culture, delectable cuisine to a spectacular nature, Thailand has a lot to offer anyone who wants to visit South East Asian countries. That is why the country is the first choice for all those who are looking to explore the Asian culture. We are sure Thailand must be in your bucket list too, if you have not been to this country so far. But before you land here, let us tell you 10 interesting facts about the country that not many know about. Check out.

People of Thailand strongly believe in ghosts and mystic energy. Every house and shop in Thailand has a small 'phi house' or spirit house where spirits are believed to live. You will see these colourful toy like houses outside almost all houses. It is said that the spirits that live in these phi houses are do not bother the residents of the house.

Thailand has a strict law that forbids the insult of its monarchy. This law is also applicable on tourists. Anyone found breaking the law can be punished with strict jail sentences. The insult includes defaming, insulting or threatening the king or queen or their heir. The punishment ranges from 3-15 years in jail.

Thailand has a huge sex industry. There are several red light districts in the country many of which are open even during the day. Some of these cater only to the Thai men while others cater to foreigners.

More than 95% population of the country follow Buddhism. According to Thais, the forehead is the purest part of their body and touching others' forehead is considered offensive.

The Ramakien is Thailand's national epic. It is the Thai version of Hindu Ramayana. According to popular belief, anyone who reads the story withing seven days and seven nights could command three day and three nights of rainfall from the heaven.

The literal meaning of Thailand is Free Land. Prior to this, the country was known by the name of Siam.

The King of Thailand is highly revered in the country and the citizens worship him like a God.

The nation and the monarchy are the two pillars of the Thai society. Buddhist pilgrims dressed in saffron robes, gold, marble and stone monuments are the most common sights in the country.

The people of Thailand are very particular about the clothes they were to the temples. Short dresses and revealing clothes are not allowed in the Thai temples.

Thai capital Bangkok is one of the hottest cities in the world. The festival of Songkran is celebrated every year in the month of April that is very similar to the festival of Holi.


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