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Pasupati shama selling pani puri

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Pashupati Sharma is among the biggest names in the Nepali Folk Music industry. He is among the greatest singers and is getting more popular as his songs are getting featured in movies too. The singer is known to remix the genre of folk music and bring something new every time. Previously he had released a new single which is very h!l@rious and is a comedy song. The song satires the politician of Nepal who are not able to do anything.

Now he has again came up with a new folk song which has already been uploaded on YouTube. The title of the song is Jhumke Bulaki. In the music video of the song Pashupati Sharma is going to a folk song restaurant as a guest but after seeing the beautiful girls there he gets dragged to sing a song. The song is all about that. The 8 minute long music video is a kind of a singing challenge between the popular singer and other girls of the restaurant.



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