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Thursday's Horscope

Manisha Thapa Horoscope

Thursday's Horscope


You should be feeling somewhat carefree today, as something in your life has recently expanded maybe your job, your living situation, your sense of understanding or your circle of friends. It seems to be leaking over into all other areas of your life and letting you see just how lovely the world can be. Take advantage of this pioneering spirit and set out to explore something that's always intrigued you.


Are you dealing with some tough cookie with a long history of treating people poorly? Authority figures have their crankiness turned all the way up right now. Whoever it is, remember that you aren't responsible for their bad mood. You need to be the soul of politeness and just step out of the way of whatever they're slinging. You may get through the day swimmingly if you keep that as your standard operating procedure.


On today's agenda, you need to add mending fences, loving your neighbor and all the rest of that caring, sharing business. Think of yourself as a karmic diplomat, spreading good energy and love among the rest of the world. You don't have to lay it on with a trowel or break your back to spread the love just let your soul shine through in everything you do right now. You're an ambassador of goodwill without even trying!


Learn to quietly (but firmly) close the doors to rooms that you aren't coming back to let the past stay where it belongs. You're on the brink of something new, and there's just no need to drag the carcasses of dead and buried situations into them. Let yourself start fresh, and try to see all the possibilities of this brand-new moment. If you're embarking on a new relationship, it's crucial to stay present in the moment.


Sometimes all you need is one little spark, and then suddenly, it's as if everything is illuminated. The answer to a torturous problem you've had at work might bear with it unexpected and welcome gifts such as a whole new perspective on what's been going on in your relationships and your private life as well. This realization should give you the power to change things around here for the better.


You need to shake up your usual routine in a big way. You have a sweet life and an organized schedule, of course, but things might be just a little too calm lately. Use your long-dormant instincts there's a whole world of options for you to exercise. Maybe it's time to go salsa dancing, SCUBA diving or even just trying that new place for lunch.


Don't get so focused on earthly rewards that you lose sight of the truly meaningful things in life. Professional achievement, financial success and the admiration of your colleagues are all wonderful things, and well worth working for. Still, there are other, possibly more important things to address like taking care of your spirit, loving your people and helping those who can't help themselves.


If you start to feel a little hot under the collar because of something a colleague tells you, you know what to do, right just remove the collar. It may not be so easy to remove the boss or coworker! Dealing with jerks is a fact of life, and not everyone you meet is sweetness and light. Your job right now is to find some way to deal with them that helps you keep cool.


Your energy is largely focused on  if not devoted to the concept of love right now. Love really is all you need, especially when it arrives in such an amazing package. Someone has recently entered (or is just about to enter) your life, and you feel like they may actually be too good to be true. Stop pinching yourself and just open your eyes this really is happening to you, and you don't want to miss it.


It's quite tempting to do something that feels good in the moment, but you need to consider the consequences of what is sure to happen later not to mention how you might feel following your actions. If you know regret is in your future if you don't stop yourself, then why do it? Refuse to jump into this hole and treat yourself with the respect you deserve. Aren't you worth the best care around?


Don't talk yourself into something just because someone close thinks it's best for you, especially if your heart is sending you a completely different message. Listen carefully to those instincts, and don't push them aside even if there's no logical reason for what you're feeling. You're no robot, and you need to be sure to follow your heart when it's most important like right now.


Don't push yourself so hard it's not worth the stress you're putting on your mind or body. Do what you can, and don't hesitate to put forth all your energy but once it's done, let it go. Just sit back and let the universe do its job, rather than trying to be in charge of the whole process. Not only should you have a lot more fun that way, you might also end up with something a lot nicer than you could have imagined on your own.



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