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Khairentar mahotsab

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The seven  edition of the khairentar mahotsab  was , held in khairenitar   saw a dashing dohori performance by folk singer star Raju Pariyar and Janaki tarami magar. The festival, organised by khirenitar  Chamber of Commerce, features a total of 200 stalls with various traditional art and artifacts from indigenous groups from the district. The fest had also been saw host of musical and dance performances.

The fest’s second day was highlighted by Pariyar’s and Janaki tarami magar   performance which included renditions of an array of popular folk songs.

Pariyar and janki tarami  the acclaimed folk singer, was welcomed on the stage by a cheering crowd According to the organisers, the funds raised from the festival will be used in various development activities in Here a clip of dohori between Raju pariyar and Janaki tarami magar.

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