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Wednesday's Horoscope

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Wednesday's Horoscope


Flying high doesn't even begin to describe what you're experiencing (and enjoying) right now. You've got the world on a string, and that string is conveniently wrapped around your finger. Some ancient obstacle has recently been removed, and it's given you a whole new approach to life. Enjoy all the energy you have at your disposal, and remember that life is especially sweet when you remember to share your joy.


There's no use getting your dander up when you're not really sure what this new person's intentions really are. Don't try to interpret their words yet, either. You just can't know their true meaning for now, and the trick to getting through this is to not take anything personally. Believe it or not, they might not even have been attacking you. Let it slide off your back and get on with your life.


The great man said that all the world's a stage, and right now, you've got the lead! Whether you want a drama, an action-adventure or a light romantic comedy is entirely up to you. Since you're the star, writer, director, producer, and understudy of this play, you've got final say over the outcome. All the most important critics should give you two thumbs up!


If you're dreaming about taking a risk but feel frozen by fear, now is the time to address your feelings before they keep you from fulfilling a long-held ambition. Life is far too short to spend any more time on dithering. Isn't it worth taking a risk to do something that you really care about? Trust yourself and your instincts and get a move on.


This opportunity hasn't just landed in your lap it practically leaped up of its own volition! You might be feeling a touch nervous about how to deal with it, as it's like riding your bike for the first time and then suddenly being asked to jump the Grand Canyon. Don't fret you're more than up to handling this challenge. You wouldn't have been given this chance otherwise, so take a deep breath and have a little faith in yourself.


Painters know that it's all about perspective, and at least for now, that's what matters in your life, too. If you or someone close is getting too riled up about what is basically trivial, take a moment to step back and check things out. Assume a different position and then take a look at this so-called 'dilemma' again. Suddenly all those big concerns look kind of silly!


You've had quite a long journey to get here, so give yourself some much-needed downtime and just enjoy the view. Don't forget to acknowledge all you've managed to accomplish and the obstacles you've overcome along the way. You have plenty more to do, of course, but you need to gather your strength before tackling the next leg of your journey. Rest in the moment and just be thankful.


Why can't life be less complicated? The answer is ironically simple if you were just handed things all the time, you'd never learn to appreciate them. Remember that as you deal with a complex situation that crops up later today. It's a good idea to keep your normally colorful self a little more black-and-white at work to find an answer to this puzzle. Discretion is definitely the better part of valor!


You're generally honest, straightforward and avoid hidden motives but you think everyone around you is exactly the same way! Where would the fun in life be if everyone were exactly the same? Someone close definitely has an ulterior motive and a pretty romantic one at that. If they awaken something flirtatious and delightful in you, enjoy the surprise.


You keep trying to swim upstream, but you could end up using all your energy just to stay still or, worse, to slow your pace as you're dragged backwards. Try moving with the flow of events that are currently all around you instead. As you turn your efforts toward working with the energies around you, rather than trying to push them away, a whole new vista of opportunity opens up.


Some people say that they're one thing and then demonstrate the opposite. You might be disappointed in them, but cut them a little slack today, especially if it's the first time. They're only human, after all! If it's the fourth or fifth time it's happened, you need to be on your guard. They may be only human but they may be the kind of human you need to avoid!


It's easy (and tempting) to just vent today, but that doesn't bring you the understanding or the peace you really need. It's important to acknowledge those feelings, but not necessarily to act on them right now. Trying to drown them out or get rid of them doesn't work in the long run, either. Remember that like everything else in life, they are sure to pass along, so hold on to your equanimity.

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