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Today's Horoscope: Friday, 12th Jan

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Today's Horoscope: Friday, 12th Jan


Take care of your body, and it should do the same for you. Pay attention to cause and effect a bad night's sleep causes you to be cranky and out of it, which affects your whole day (and your cash flow as you have to keep buying those double mochas). Eating frozen dinners all week might result in a knotty stomach. After you see the results, you can figure out what to do to get better responses.


You're a paragon of politeness right now, and your willingness to take in others' needs makes you the perfect diplomat. You can easily figure out answers to thorny problems and discover detours that make any journey more pleasant than it would have been otherwise. If something bad pops up, you are sure to make it better. If it's good, you can make it even better for everyone.


It can be incredibly satisfying to draw up a task list and then check off items one by one until  finally you reach the end. You've got enough mental energy to power a city, so spend some, if not all, on tackling any items that have been sitting there staring you in the face for way too long. Once you're done, breathe a big sigh of relief and then take a much-deserved break.


Your way with words is golden for the time being, so it's time to indulge in communication about nearly anything that you need to get out in the open. You're already the best at spotting opportunities and making the most of them, but you still need to be cautious about choosing the perfect moment to strike. Afterward, let your eloquence carry the day it's incredibly satisfying to persuade.


You need to start thinking about long-term financial issues that have been in the back of your mind for a really long time. Whether you're thinking about investments, real estate or maybe trading in certain job benefits for an improvement in your quality of life, now is certainly the time to lay the foundations for your future. Your leadership is even more heightened than usual, so once you decide, others fall in line.


A personal issue that was recently pretty stormy turns the page and becomes rather sweet just when you were ready to give up. It's a pleasant surprise, but it's also quite timely you were just about ready to turn your back on fate and make a hasty choice. Everything has finally come together in a way you would never have seen coming but you're quite happy with the results.


Try to combine your altruistic impulses with your amazing ability to host people by throwing a party or dinner for charity. You're the best at organizing gatherings, no matter what constraints you have to deal with, and you're totally involved with your community. Do a little research and find a cause that could make good use of your talents, then recruit as many friends as you can find to make it happen.


You can do almost anything right now as long as you can maintain focus. That includes financial issues and career plans, and it's time for you to get real, breaking down your big schemes into small, reasonable steps. Not only should your goals become more achievable once you compartmentalize them, you should also be much more motivated to actually get going!


Someone close insists on sorting out all the little details and then scooting them out of the way, but you know it's silly to focus on them right now, as so much about the bigger picture remains unknown. Rather than just arguing over what's important, try to retreat a few steps and work on the parts each of you consider most important. Check in with each other often, and things should go more smoothly for both of you.


As usual, you're seeking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. Keep in mind, though, that truth can be subjective and might depend on who's talking. Focus on digging up the facts, all the facts and nothing but. Once you can see everything that you know is for real, you're able to figure out what everyone else has been right and wrong about lately.


Lift up the carpet in your mental living room and take a good look it's likely that someone's been trying to sweep a lot out of sight. You've got great insight into matters that go deeper than you may have expected. Use those amazing powers of perception and get a little clarity on issues that have been bugging you or seemed unclear before, then decide on your next move.


You may normally check in with your feelings are before making decisions, but now is a good time to go with your intuitions rather than sitting there in a state of indecision. Face it feelings are mutable, and an emotion that seems permanent one minute could be a distant memory the next. Instead of focusing on what could be, figure out what really is and then make your move with haste.


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